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Hi, I'm Tawnya Lehnen

Proprietary Designer/Consultant

Design with a purpose

I was born and raised in a small midwestern town. After graduating college, I went looking for the next life adventure in the big wide world. The Netherlands, France and Mexico were among a few of the places where I discovered rich culture and an endless array of possibilities. Once again state side I headed to Arizona. As a child I had developed very fond memories of Arizona through a family vacation. Visiting Arizona again solidified that it would be the perfect place to call home.

I have been drawn to design, architecture, nature and the restfulness of the three in harmony for as long as I can remember. I’ve pursued this passion throughout my entire adult life in a variety of education/disciplines: Studies in Human and Consumer Science, Interior Design, CAD, and Permaculture; Disciplines in Interior Designer, System Design, and Permaculture Consulting.

Little did I realize my years of experience and hours of education would fulfill a deep seeded God given calling. I truly believe when you have purpose and passion for the day to day it’s never work. It is simply an avenue for fulfillment which should be shared.